Yes, I’m a Flake

Well I guess I can breakout my snowflake sweatshirt. I’ve been waiting because it is the most comfortable shirt in the world — although I wore it way too long last winter and someone at work, who was as tired of snow as I was, said perhaps I should burn it and the snow would stop falling — but, as those of you with more than 3 brain cells can see, I didn’t do that.

I’m now totally into Christmas — I knew it would happen. I just needed to give it time (and increase my meds).  Yesterday I found a great flash mob video that was done at the Carlson School of Management. About 300 people from the school of music showed up to entertain or annoy the business school students. I believe the business school students are planning a flash mob at the school of music later this week where they will be discussing the costs associated with the 12 Days of Christmas and how one could market each day separately, bundled, or as a Groupon.

In case you haven’t seen this before I thought I’d regift this list:

Mary Hirsch’s List of The Top 10 Least Favorite Holiday Movies
10. Rudolph The Incredibly Co-Dependent Reindeer
9. It’s A Sucky Life And I Wish I Was Never Born – An After School Special
8. The Santa Divorce Clause Or How Mrs. Clause Got Her Groove Back.
7. Charlie Brown Gives Up On Christmas And Focuses On Building Up His Savings So He Can Get Out Of This Town With No Pity
6. Frosty Vs. Zamboni – The Holiday Grudge Match
5. Pay It Forward For The Next 36 Months At 18% Interest Accumulating Daily
4. How The Grinch Stole Christmas And Then Pinned It On Cindy Lou Who Who Is Now Doing 10-20 In The Big House
3. Matlock On 34th Street
2. Crouching Elf; Hidden Reindeer
1. Run Prancer It’s Sarah Palin In A Helicopter

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  1. It's funny how we still hear references to the tuna casserole of TV — The After School Special. But you know, I don't believe there are such programs anymore… we just keep carrying the torch. I've heard child characters refer to it in TV and movie roles and I'm quite sure they have to have it explained to them.

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