You Too Can Make Money When You’re Dead

Well I’ve seen it all … until tomorrow or perhaps later today … PETA is selling coffins, coffins that advertise their cause. I think I might have to walk out of a funeral that has an ad on the coffin, although with the high cost of funerals I suppose it is a way to help pay for them. Of course that could backfire too …

  • “Eat at McDonald’s – I did” may not be a big seller, especially if the coffin has to be supersized;
  • “I’m Glad I Had Aetna Life Insurance or I’d Never Be Able to Afford Being Dead;”
  • “Viagra — They really mean it when they say you should call a doctor after 4 hours”

I’m planning on being cremated and should be able to make a lot more money because my ashes will sit on a mantle or a bookcase for a long time. I could be in a coffee can that says “Folgers – It Really Was Good To The Last Drop.”